Why Advertising Is Needed In The Cannabis Industry?

To support the goal of creating spectacular digital campaigns we dedicate ourselves to developing fully customized programs to address each client’s unique and dynamic environment. We are committed to analyzing the data we collect and translating it into kernels of actionable business intelligence that can directly impact each client’s growth and success.


(Get ready for some technical stuff.) We find the intersection of prospect desires, competitor features & your features. PODs: Points of Difference. POPs: Points of Parity. POI’s: Points of Irrelevance.

We do this through the use of the following testing cycle:

  • Define Elements
  • Establish Hypothesis
  • Build variations 
    (challenge and control)
  • Validate measurement
  • Confirm significance
  • Adapt iterations
  • Repeat…


Our philosophy is different than most in the digital space.  Most agencies follow a plan or set up big campaigns.  We do this, but take it a step further:

  • We respond to change, competitors follow a plan
  • We do rapid iterations, competitors do Big-Bang campaigns
  • We test & learn from data, competitors use opinions and conventions
  • We make numerous small experiments, competitors make a few large bets
  • We target individuals and interactions, competitors target markets
  • We use collaboration, competitors use silos and hierarchy


(More technical stuff!) We review all phrases influencing a campaign’s performance such as internal, adjacent (competitors) and beyond – like the weather, natural disasters etc. We turn data into meaningful insights.

We pride ourselves on:

  • strategic imagination
  • provocative inquiry
  • agility
  • resilience
  • future focused
  • active collaboration
  • transparency
  • creative problem solving
  • challenging the status quo

Although paid search is one of the best performing tools in the digital space, it only reaches 5% of the web. The remaining 95% is covered by display and social. Normally your focus is to ensure a strong presence on the search engines and then move into display and other methods. With the limitations of the search channel due to Cannabis regulations, we can help you develop campaigns to reach new audiences utilizing tested display techniques in the Cannabis space, including, display, retargeting, demographic, and video, along with other methods detailed more specifically below.

One of the most talked about topics in digital marketing is the funnel. This concept illustrates that only a small percentage of the people who visit your site will actually end up taking the desired action. That number is usually around 2%. As marketers we strive to find the right blend of digital techniques to effectively drive new visitors but to also keep your product or service top of mind for the rest of them.

We have curated a dedicated team of web and graphic designers to help augment assets for each of our publisher partners. These assets are a key element to ensuring we come across to our audience appropriately. We test each size, image and message combination to continue with our optimization efforts. The data we learn from these tests can also be applied to other marketing initiatives.

And we track everything! Yes, that’s right, not only do we have an incredible partner network, but we’re also data geeks and hold ourselves and our partners accountable to our client’s performance metrics. This tracking not only helps us understand the impact of our work, but also ensures that the partners we advertise on are performing and supplying growth to meet your goals. That maybe through site visits, leads, visits to the dispensary or store, in-store revenue, e-commerce revenue or tickets sold. An initial part of our process is to determine your goals upfront to recommend the best launch strategy, and then maximize efficiency with all partners, and then optimize each towards the final goal.

Below is a list of Cannabis Advertising opportunities available through CBD Hemp Guru:


  • Location
  • Device
  • Buying Behavior
  • Content Viewed
  • Age
  • Time of Day
  • Income
  • Pages Viewed
  • Keywords Searched


  • Search Retargeting
  • Site Retargeting
  • Lookalike Modeling
  • Location Based Retargeting – target ads based on where they have been
  • Keyword Contextual Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Situational Targeting based on location, activity and context
  • Custom Segmentation
  • Video advertising
  • Paid Search
  • Native Advertising

How does “retargeting work?”

retargeting for cannabis companies

Image Source Econsultancy.com


Just like any business, we adhere to a process when setting up new customers.  The following points illustrate what we use with a large brush, but in reality there are a lot more to each of these points:

  • Discovery: A discovery meeting is held to learn about needs, core demographics, internal support team, goals and expectations.
  • Planning: Following the initial discovery meeting, roughly 15 days are spent planning the launch strategy. Once approved we proceed to launch.
  • Launch: The first 30 days after launch are used primarily to gather data.  Only small and obvious optimizations will be made.
  • Refine: After 30 days of learning, a system wide optimization strategy is customized and implemented.
  • Repeat… While the Discovery through Launch phases are not necessarily repeated (except with the introduction of a new publisher or website) optimizations are ongoing throughout the life of each campaign.

We work with a large group of partners that are either Cannabis specific sites or networks like Mantis or Adistry, or a number of traditional display networks and DSP’s (Demand Side Platforms) that are willing to partner with the Cannabis industry. With Cannabis sites you are reaching hard-core users, while traditional display networks allow us to reach a broader audience that may be excited about the Cannabis Industry, or want to experiment, or they dabble in Cannabis usage, however they are not surfing on marijuana sites specifically, reaching people on sites like CNN, BusinessInsider etc. A blend of the two tactics is ideal.

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