For the Beginners: The Best Way to Take CBD Oil

Rookies might find CBD scary first. However, you have stepped into this market because you heard all the potential applications and the hype surrounding CBD. The real struggle kicks in when you realize how hard it is to choose one from the numerous products available in the market.

It’s tough to say what the CBD products are, however, if you find a well-known brand there’s a guarantee that the products are going to be top quality. In the beginning, it might be a strenuous job to figure out the right method for you to take CBD oil.

Cannabidiol is used for several health conditions and the way you take it depends on your goals, lifestyle and on the condition you are going to use it for.

For instance, if you are going to use CBD for anxiety or stress, you’ll be looking for something that works faster. While taking CBD products, you might have to think of the type of work you do and also, you might be picky about the taste and texture of it.

There is no one-best-method of taking CBD, instead, you have to try different ways of using it and then find out the best method that really works for you. It might be of a hurdle at first, but once you have picked the right way for you, the experience is going to be exquisite.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of the most common methods you can follow to take CBD oil.


One of the most popular and convenient ways of taking CBD is ingesting CBD capsules that are infused with the same CBD oil you see in a tincture. These soft gel capsules are easy to swallow and also suitable for everyone.

One of the many advantages of taking CBD oil in a capsule form is that you don’t have to fiddle with a dropper to measure the dose because CBD capsules contain the right amount you need in it. In addition, one other benefit of using CBD capsules is that you can carry them anywhere and consume on-demand at any time.

One of the downsides is that they work slowly because the capsules require some time to release CBD oil. So if you are looking for quick action, capsules are not the best choice for you.


One of the fastest-acting methods of taking Cannabidiol is using CBD oil which is also known as CBD tincture. In this method, you have to adjust the dosage first and then just drop and hold it under the tongue.  

It’s available in different flavors and strengths. CBD tinctures come with a dropper that allows you to measure out the precise dose and, in addition, it offers you the opportunity to experiment with different strengths.

However, if you are picky about the flavors, you might not like this method because CBD oil can be strong and taste bitter.


The method that has the highest level of bioavailability is taking CBD with a vaporizer. CBD e-liquids are available in a wide range of flavors and strengths. You need an e-cigarette to take it. It’s just like normal vaping. You can change the flavor any moment you want; also you can play with different strengths to attune your needs at the best.


Gummies infused with cannabidiol has become a popular way to take CBD oil. If you are picky about the taste, I think CBD gummies are the best choice for you. CBD edibles are available in different tastes and flavors. You have plenty of options to choose one best flavor from. Most of the gummies are infused with full-spectrum CBD oil, but sometimes you may find gummies that contain the CBD isolate.

The disadvantage of these CBD gummies is that they work slowly. When you chew them, CBD has to pass through the digestive system and there’s a possibility that the bioavailability may get decreased.


For beauty purposes, you can use the topical CBD oil. It comes as CBD lotions, creams, moisturizers, etc. The topical form is the best choice for them who don’t like to ingest CBD. This is the most straightforward way to use CBD oil. You simply apply a dollop of cream or lotion on your skin and then massage it.

To conclude, there is no single method that can be the best for everyone because CBD oil is a highly personalized experience. There are numerous options available for you to choose a product from and try CBD following different methods. You have to find your own best way to take CBD. Trying out the CBD oil first is highly recommended because you can adjust the dose and figure out the best concentration that works for you. After all, at first, you will have to struggle a little to sort out the best way for you to use CBD oil, but it’s just a matter of time you will find the right method you are looking for. Be patient while using CBD, the time obviously will pay you back.

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