How Long Does CBD Oil take to Work?

CBD oil

When you are seeking relief using CBD oil, usually the first two queries knock on your mind are

How long does it take to work?

How long does the effect last?

The answer is simple, it depends on how you take it.

The medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD oil is well researched and it is said to have benefits for conditions ranging from arthritis to seizure disorders.Both the scientific and informal evidence abound, resulting in an enormous spike in the popularity of CBD oil.

With the numerous options available on the market right now, how do you choose the right CBD product for your condition? Eventually, it will depend on how fast you want it to work.

CBD Hemp Guru is going to walk you through the most popular CBD delivery methods and how fast they work so you can decide which one to try for your condition. 

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD tinctures, also known as sublingual drops are gaining ground in the popularity contest with edibles. It is a fast-acting form and easily portable.

Placing a few drops of CBD tinctures under the tongue allows CBD to be absorbed almost immediately. The sublingual area is full of blood vessels and the tissue covering them is very thin which makes it easier for CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream instantly. Effects are felt quickly which makes CBD tinctures an ideal delivery method for anxiety and other mood disorders. 

CBD Vape

There are many types of vapes available including pen-style, tank-style, etc. Although they work differently, the gist is the same. CBD oil is heated by a coil then the vapor is inhaled. Inhalation introduces cannabidiol into your bloodstream through your lungs, resulting in a rapid onset effect. This is a great method of taking cannabidiol for those who suffer from acute conditions and require the effects immediately. 

However, vape pens can be cumbersome to carry around. Moreover, there are concerns surrounding vaping nicotine and it’s hard to determine if vaping CBD poses the same potential health risks.

Capsules, Gummies and Other Edibles

Edibles are one of the most popular forms of CBD oil. After extracting cannabidiol, it is added to food and capsules which makes it more portable. Whether it’s gummies or easy to swallow capsules, many users appreciate it for the ease, discretion, and portability. 

One drawback is that it takes some time to work after ingestion. The ingested cannabidiol has to go through the laborious process of digestion. Chemicals like CBD are filtered through the liver before entering the bloodstream and start working.

Usually it takes 20 minutes to an hour to work, depending on your metabolism and how recently you ate. Edibles are a great choice for those who are seeking relief from headaches or other pain. For acute conditions and to get instant results, CBD edibles may not be the best option for you. 


Cbd topicals like massage oils, lotions, creams are a great choice for your skin conditions, muscle pain and joint pain.

It is still unclear how long does CBD topicals take to pass through the skin and start working. Research suggests that it may take up to 5 hours for CBD topicals to pass through the skin and go into effect. But many everyday users report that it works quicker. Regardless of how quickly it works, it is a valuable form of relief. We recommend it should be used before the situation becomes severe. 

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To conclude, cannabidiol is both flexible and effective in managing a multitude of conditions. It is available in a variety of forms that allow you to experiment with different delivery methods and find out the best one that works for your condition. We expect that in the near future, there will be more research on how long CBD takes to work.

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