An Overview of All Elixinol CBD Products

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About Elixinol

Elixinol has an experience of 25+ years in the hemp industry. It has always been committed to hemp. They have dedicated all their efforts to learning about it, teaching others about it, and helping the world discover the potential health benefits of this miraculous plant. Recently, Elixinol CBD products have gained a massive popularity among consumers.

Elixinol creates its products with intense care. They create their products specially to provide their customers with a wide range of specific health benefits. The next thing that makes Elixinol different from many other CBD companies is that they have established their own Seven Pillars Philosophy to ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

Their vision is clear. Elixinol aims to educate people so that they become able to lead a healthy life both mentally and physically with the help of CBD. They are committed to quality, which means Elixinol provides its customers with the best quality CBD products. They make sure all their ingredients come from superior and the most reliable sources.

Their effort to ensure the customers get the safest and the purest products are remarkable. You can not judge the purity of a product solely looking at it. It is why Elixinol has gone the extra mile and ensures every product is third-party lab tested. Unlike many other companies who only claim to have a COA certificate, Elixinol has a web page dedicated to sharing copies of their third-party lab test results.

Elixinol started its CBD business with a few products on their shelves. As it kept on gaining popularity over time, they began bringing new products in the market. Initially, they used to make only CBD oil. Now they offer a wide range of high-quality CBD products. We recommend Elixinol as one of the top CBD oil brands in the USA.

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An Overview of Elixinol CBD Products

Elixinol CBD Oil Tinctures

Elixinol CBD oils start with high-quality 100% hemp extract at the base, and are blended with MCT coconut oil and other complimentary ingredients, like beta-caryophyllene, to boost delivery and efficacy. Before choosing a CBD oil or tincture, we recommend first narrowing in on why you’d like to use CBD as there are a variety of use cases. This brand offers CBD oils that have specific benefits; however, all of their CBD oils offer general wellness benefits. Our oils can be used via a dropper or a pump with Elixinol’s Daily Balance Liposome product. 

Full-spectrum CBD Oil: Full-spectrum extract means it contains all phytochemicals naturally found in the plant. That includes CBD, trace cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils. These extracts come with THC levels below 0.3%.

Broad-spectrum CBD Oil: Like full-spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in the hemp plant, but without THC. These products are a great option for those who cannot have traces of THC in their system.

Liposomes: Liposomes enable the body to quickly and easily absorb cannabinoids. As a fat-soluble molecule, CBD needs both fat and water-soluble molecules to effectively access the endocannabinoid system.

Elixinol Good Mood CBD Gummies

You’ve found the sweet spot — get all the benefits of CBD with great taste. Good Mood Gummies promote calmness and relaxation. Make them a part of your daily wellness routine or reach for one when occasional stress pops up. They’re made with vegan ingredients, full-spectrum hemp extract and fruit extracts. If you’ve been CBD curious, this is the tastiest way to give it a try.

The overall effects of CBD gummies vary depending on the person. However, some CBD gummy effects include supporting a healthy response to stress, promoting calmness and relaxation, and even helping with occasional restlessness. Try them and discover CBD for yourself.

One benefit of CBD gummies is that you can get all of the benefits of CBD from a tasty, convenient treat. CBD gummies do not cause a high or psychoactive effect. CBD gummies taste delicious and don’t have the typical bitter ‘hemp taste’. CBD gummies are also very convenient. Try Elixinol’s new products and discover CBD gummies benefits for yourself

Elixinol CBD gummies are naturally flavored, contain vegan ingredients, cruelty Free, GMO Free, made with USA Grown Hemp

Elixinol CBD Capsules and Pills

Elixinol CBD capsules offer high-potency CBD oil with the mess-free convenience of a pill. Each formulation has been blended to specifically target areas in which CBD has been shown to help. From inflammation to stress management to sleep and daily balance, their CBD capsules are easy, accurate and of the highest quality. Elixinol CBD capsules provide a variety of benefits and have multiple uses.

While many CBD customers are used to seeing CBD oil in tincture form, Elixinol specializes in creating hemp oil CBD capsules that help with the accuracy of serving size and ease of use. Their CBD capsules can be used in three ways: as part of a daily regimen, to bolster a specific need, and to support a particular outcome.

CBD, like most supplements, provides the most benefit when taken daily. Because of that, CBD capsules are often an easier way to incorporate CBD into your routine. Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Capsules and Omega Turmeric CBD capsules are ideal for this use.

Many of Elixinol CBD tablets are designed to address specific needs – like Stress Less and Body Comfort. While their CBD pills can be taken daily as a routine to improve wellbeing overall (generally feel less stressed or improve joint health overall), they can also be used when they are needed most.

While CBD boasts a range of benefits on its own, Elixinol CBD capsules are blended with functional ingredients for more targeted benefits. Specialized CBD pill formulations like Good Night are designed to aid occasional sleeplessness while improving overall sleep cycles. This is a routine within a routine and a CBD capsule can ensure that it is easy to stick to.

Elixinol CBD Topicals

Did you know you can also enjoy the benefits of CBD through the skin? Elixinol CBD topicals, made with 100% organic hemp, are cruelty-free, 100% plant-based, non-GMO and vegan. This company combines more body and skin-loving ingredients like capsaicin, copaiba and essential oils to enhance the benefits you receive with each application.

Copaiba oil comes from the sap of the copaiba tree, which grows mostly in South America and is thought to have soothing properties when applied to the skin due to its anti-inflammatory and neuropathic properties.

Calendula is a type of marigold flower that has often been thought to support healing and overall skin health due to its antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

With a variety of formats and strengths, their CBD gels and balms are great for all skin types and perfect for boosting skin vibrancy or providing more localized vitality. From CBD creams to salves, Elixinol’s CBD skincare products provide a variety of benefits and have multiple uses.

CBD topicals are a great first or fifth CBD product. They are easy to use and deliver on their promise. The biggest factor to consider is the format of the topical that works best with your lifestyle – CBD balms for when you have time or CBD gels on the go.

Elixinol Daily Balance CBD Oil Trial Set

We know sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to find the perfect product. Let’s face it, making a decision can even be a bit daunting. With this Daily Balance CBD Oil Trial Kit, you’ll get the chance to test out all three of Elixinol’s best-selling tinctures before you commit! With both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum offerings, you can find your perfect balance, daily.

Elixinol CBD-rich tinctures expertly blend full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp with MCT coconut oil to create the foundation for a clean, reliable and easy-to-use tincture. Elixinol then add in beta-caryophyllene, another cannabinoid naturally found in hemp, to increase the effectiveness of the overall formulation.

Complete with 2x full-spectrum tinctures in Natural and Cinnamint flavors and 1x broad-spectrum (zero mg of THC) tincture in Winter Mint, you can find a way to achieve your Daily Balance. Simple ingredients come together to make something that is, well, kind of amazing.

You get in this set:
One Daily Balance Cinnamint Tincture 133mg // One Daily Balance Natural Tincture 133mg // One Daily Balance Winter Mint Tincture 133mg

Key Highlights and Features

TransparencySince Elixinol’s very first CBD tincture was hand labeled, they have been at the forefront of consumer transparency. Elixinol has always published detailed CoAs, been clear about where their ingredients were sourced and done their due diligence to ensure the partners they have share their values. Elixinol’s customers rely on its products to improve their wellness and this brand take that job seriously. They answer every question. They research every detail. Because Elixinol believes that the ability to continue bringing cannabinoid products to the world is only achievable if their consumers choose them and trust them on their journey to well being.

Chemicals and Solvents free: At Elixnol, they believe that CBD is just the beginning. Hemp has more than 140 known constituents that have the power to change how you think about health, wellness and even medicine. And this brand is on the front lines of that research. Their team is not only the leading experts in extraction, processing and formulation, but their ancillary resources are leading the way in the global understanding of cannabinoids. Collectively, they learn more every day about formulations and formats that could redefine how the human body interacts with cannabinoids and how these innovations can turn into effective products for their valued consumers.

Shipping policy: Standard shipping is shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS). Most orders are received in 3-7 business days. Expedited shipping options, both Next Business Day, and 2-Business Day are shipped via United Postal Service (UPS).

Due to carrier restrictions, PO Boxes and Military bases must be sent via Elixinol’s Standard Shipping method. Expedited shipping is not available for PO Boxes or Military Bases.

Shipping times is business days (Monday to Friday) after processing times, this does not include any potential for inclement weather, holidays, or backorders. International orders will experience different delivery times than expressed above.

For international shipping, typical processing times may vary from 5 to 10 business days and shipping times is dependent on entry into the country along with other variables. Dispatch sites have been setup in certain countries that will send the order directly using local couriers for faster shipping. Any duty, import, or general taxes or fees for sending their product to an international country will be passed to the consumer, they do not take responsibility for any kind of extra charges.

Return & Exchange policy: Elixinol stands by its commitment to customer satisfaction. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. Within 30 days of your order purchase, all products can be exchanged or returned for any reason, less the cost of shipping. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: The first thing that makes Elixinol different is that rather than focusing on a long list of products, this brand puts its effort, time, and resource into crafting high-quality  and effective products. This company collects its ingredients from the most reputable sources even if it is quite expensive. Elixinol sources their hemp from USA, Australia, and Europe. They have partnership with those cultivators who carry the same vision towards maintaining quality. However, Elixinol’s CBD oil products are not the most affordable in the market. But, in terms of quality and effectiveness, these products are worth that extra money.

Cons: The most commonly reported issue about this brand is that they take 2-5 business days to process your orders. Then you will have to wait another 2 to 5 business days to get the product at your doorstep. Usually, this entire processing and shipping time may extend if you place an order during the holiday season. Therefore, if you consider ordering Elixinol CBD oil products, make sure you do it ahead of your desired receiving time.

In-house, Elixinol has the most knowledgeable team on extraction, processing, growing and formulating cannabinoid products. And these people are bolstered by a team of outside experts working every day to understand how cannabinoids work in the human body and can improve quality of life. From medical doctors to research scientists to veterinarians, their collective team has more knowledge of hemp, cannabinoid and the endocannabinoid system than anyone else in the world. The biggest risk to the plant and industry they love are companies coming in to make a quick buck. Elixinol believes that by diligently working to create products that deliver real results to real people, they can prove the worth of this plant one convert at a time.