Understanding Different Types of Hemp Oil

Understanding Different Types of Hemp Oil

Popularity of  hemp and hemp-derived products are increasing, but there’s a labeling confusion over different types of hemp oil. 

What is hemp seed oil?

How is it different from CBD oil or hemp extract?

There’s a lack of regulation around hemp-based supplements, particularly CBD oil. Furthermore, the confusion mentioned above is compounded by this gap. Most of the products available online are fake, often mislabelled and are proliferating. The purpose of this article is to clear up the confusion around different types of CBD oil.

Different Types Oil Made from Hemp

In other words, It is important for you to know that there are different types of hemp oil and each of them has different properties and benefits. 

Hemp oils can be of three types including:

-Unrefined and Refined Hemp Seed Oil

-Hemp Extract or CBD Oil

-Hemp Essential Oil

All these oils are extracted from hemp plants but processed in different ways. On the other hand, they offer different benefits. Having knowledge of what properties each of these oils contains will help you decide which hemp oil to shop for the next time while you’re looking to try one.

Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil

This oil is often called nature’s most flawlessly balanced oil. This is green in color and has a nutty taste. This type of hemp seed oil is processed in minimal heat which means it is not deodorized or bleached. 

This type of oil has a brief shelf life. Once it is opened, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator. If the oil gets closer to its expiration date, it starts smelling odd. If you hear someone complaining about the odor, it must be the reason that it has been on the shelf for a while.

Refined Hemp Seed Oil

The first thing about refined hemp seed oil is that it is colorless and doesn’t have much flavor. It lacks natural vitamins and antioxidants that hemp is known for. This is why refined hemp seed oil is used as an ingredient for body care products, fuels, lubricants, etc.

This oil has been deodorized and bleached throughout the manufacturing process. That is why it has a much longer shelf life and used in body care products like soap. Hemp soap makers appreciate refined hemp seed oil for its superfatting ingredients. It contains essential fatty acid also known as EFA that makes the soap smoother and a great moisturizer.

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Hemp Extract or CBD Oil

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from the flowers and leaves of hemp plants for medical use. It is used as a nutritional supplement and even as a skin care ingredient. Somewhat confusingly, CBD oil can be labelled as hemp extract or hemp oil. 

CBD oil has created a billion dollar industry after the legalization of hemp at the end of 2018. CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system and mimics natural compounds created by our bodies. CBD product users report it offers relief of pain, anxiety, and even epileptic seizures, among other ways CBD can help. 

In the US, CBD oil products are legal to buy, use, and possess but currently it is almost unregulated. This is a reason why you should be aware while buying a CBD oil product because you might end up buying a poor quality or fake one. Ensure the product is labelled accurately and try to know the origin of the hemp. Hemp grown in the United States are of the best quality and do not contain toxins, and heavy metals.

Hemp Essential Oil

Hemp essential oil is derived from the upper leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. The leaves and the flowers are steam distilled to apprehend the purest extract of the plant. Hemp essential oil is pale yellow to light green in color. Just to make an ounce of hemp essential oil, it takes over fifty pounds of hemp which is a reason it is one of the most expensive oils in the world. This oil doesn’t contain any THC or CBD.

This oil is popular for its essential oil aroma and the abilities on the nervous system of the human body. Unlike other hemp oils, you should not take hemp essential oil internally. It can be used for its scent or can be blended with a carrier oil. 

This oil is said to be the rarest type of hemp oil. It is often used in candles for its earthy, peppery, and faintly sweet scent. 

Why it Matters

If you are looking for hemp oil as a healthy supplement or medical alternative, you have to know which type of oil offers what benefits. For instance, if you take hemp seed oil with the hopes that it will help you relieve chronic pain can only be frustrating and discouraging. So if you are looking to try hemp oil, at first make sure you gather the knowledge about various types of hemp oil and what kind of benefits these oils offer.

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